Financial Analytics with Python

Financial Analytics with Python

Free Courses : Financial Analytics with Python

Financial Analytics refers to an in-depth understanding of the Business Financial Information and providing a different view to the Senior management for analytical purposes.

  • It is a Sub-set of Business Intelligence in any Company that works on extensive Data Crunching and preparing MIS Reports in multiple ways to address a particular issue.

  • It gives you the Complete Analysis of the Financial Data both Existing and Projected and helps the Management to answer every small question.

  • The Analytical tools used in the process are system driven and produce the best quality output as required by the Management to take an Overall View on the Business and Future Strategy.

  • Nowadays, Companies are giving more preference to the Business Intelligence Department and are appointing a Full-time Financial Analyst to analyze the Business and Financial performance of the Company and suggest measures for its improvements.

  • The Person appointed will work with all the Other Departments to collect relevant Financial Data that can be used in the Analytics to arrive at the desired outcome and Reports as suggested by the CFO or the Top Management.

The Candidate will be able to learn all the Modeling and Statistical Techniques which are used in the Financial Analysis of a Company through this Financial Analytics Certification Course. He will learn all the basic Financial Jargons and terminologies used in the day to day working which is often used in the Office. Working on various Models, he will have the Ready Financial models with him along with the Set formulas in Excel which can be used in the Company he will work in the future. At the end of this Financial Analytics Training Course, the Candidate will be an Expert in all the Financial, Analytical Techniques used in the Analysis including Statistical Data Analysis. It will help the Candidate to take up a Job as a Financial Analyst or a Business Analyst in the Business Intelligence Department of an MNC.

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