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First Steps Into Management Accounting

Free Courses : First Steps Into Management Accounting

Management Accounting Masterclass - The Important Principles of Management Accounting

In this series of classes, I want to explore the concept of management accounting in more depth - break down the concept into some basic rules and theories to provide the foundation to enable us all to understand this sub-set of accounting on a more fundamental level.

This course will show you that management accounting is not as confusing and boring as you think. Huge books and notes are not what you require to understand this concept. I have tried to break down difficult concepts into easy bit sized chunks to enable a flexible and effective study experience.

You do not need any kind of prior knowledge or background to understand/be part of my lessons.

Management accounting skills are highly revered in corporate/workplace decision making and these lessons give you a great chance at solving management related problems.


I will:

  • Cover Important concepts

  • Aim to support my explanations using images and colours

  • Make Discussions on real world scenarios

  • Give Simple explanations of complex topics

  • Give various projects and exercises along the way


Who am I?

Hello, I'm Devansh (25), a CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accounting) member and an Accredited Tutor.

Through my videos I try to provide a framework that will help learners garner skills which they can use in their everyday professional life. I teach full time as a CIMA registered tuition provider and have been running a company called Finntutors that helps students ace their CIMA exams. I've also got a YouTube channel where I analyze different case studies for exam preparations.

I'm working on a series of Skillshare classes where I will try to share important accounting concepts and speak about generic concepts like how we can study effectively and work towards a predetermined goal.

If you'd like to find out more, please do <follow> my Skillshare profile, and if you are liking my content and you've got ideas for classes/topics that I should cover, drop me a message/email and I'll definitely work on it.


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