FREE Datadog Observability (Monitoring/Logging/Alerting)

Free intro overview course for "Datadog for Kubernetes"

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FREE Datadog Observability (Monitoring/Logging/Alerting)

Free Courses : FREE Datadog Observability (Monitoring/Logging/Alerting)

This course is for intermediate+ DevOps software engineer to learn observability in Kubernetes using Datadog (monitoring, logging, alerting).

If you are one of the below:

- what is Datadog and datadog agentg?

- how can I aggregate and analyze K8s logs?

- what is APM (App Performance Monitoring)?

- what are Datadog features/services?

Then, you will understand the basics of Datadog in 30 minutes!

Who should take this course

  • at least intermediate level in DevOps, Kubernetes, and Docker

  • you know how to use Helm chart

  • you have setup K8s cluster in AWS EKS (or GKE etc)

Why you should take this course:

1. Instructed by a cloud DevOps engineer (with CKA and certified AWS DevOps pro) working at US company in SF

I have been pretty handson with Terraform, AWS, AWS EKS with 7+ industry experience in both North America and Europe.

My background & Education & Career experience

  • Cloud DevOps Software Engineer with 7+ years experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from a Canadian university

  • Knows Java, C#, C++, Bash, Python, JavaScript, Terraform, IaC

  • Expert in AWS (holds AWS DevOps Professional certification) and Kubernetes (holds Certified Kubernetes Administrator, CKA)

I will see you inside!

Please note this is a free sample course for "Datadog in Kubernetes"

NOTE: This is a free intro course for "Datadog in Kubernetes".

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