Genuine Copywriting: Effective Copywriting That Gets Results

Genuine Copywriting: Effective Copywriting That Gets Results

Free Courses : Genuine Copywriting: Effective Copywriting That Gets Results

When you ask an expert marketer: "What is the number 1 lucrative skill that a fellow marketer or entrepreneur can learn?"

Their answer will without a doubt be: "Copywriting".

In short, if you want to effectively sell your online products and services, then you need to learn how to write great copy.

A common issue people often complain about with regards to copywriting is that "Copywriting feels inauthentic for them!".

A phrase I have often heard from coaches, marketers, content creators...etc

If youve been an avid student of the topic of copywriting, then you are probably familiar with all the tricks that are recommended by the experts, some of which include:

  • Use hype (exaggerate benefits to get prospects excited about your product/service)

  • False positioning (Position your product as the only one in the world that meets all of the prospects needs)

  • Agitate the pain (Get the prospect to feel the pain of their current situation and make the consequences of not buying your product/service unbearable)

These are just some examples of common copywriting practices that are being taught. The negative effects of following this kind of advice are many:

  • Make the prospect skeptical

  • Set the prospect up for disappointment (as a result of building unrealistic expectations)

  • Create and build up anxiety in the prospect

Most people write copy this way because its the only way theyve ever known how to do it and I admit, Ive been guilty of writing copy this way too my first few years in business.

The good news is: Theres another way. And its both helpful to your clients, and enjoyable to you.

What is it called? Well, you may call it honest/genuine/authentic copywriting.

Its the result of years of testing, trial and error & resentment of the conventional way of doing things.

Yes! You can do without all the manipulative sales techniques of mainstream copywriting and get good results.

It starts with learning the theory. Then, once youve become familiar with the copywriting process, youll then be able to put pen to paper. Everything you need from tools to templates and resources has been included.

This course takes all the confusion and guesswork out of writing copy for web pages, emails, & social media.

Whether youre a novice copywriter or an experienced copywriter who is tired of the old, unethical way of copywriting through the use of hype and manipulation, this course has the answers to your questions.

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