Go from scratch: Beginners-Friendly Guide

Go from scratch: Beginners-Friendly Guide

Free Courses : Go from scratch: Beginners-Friendly Guide

Welcome to the "Go from scratch: Beginners-Friendly Guide" course!

Go is a modern, simple and neat programming language which allows to build efficient and reliable software and adopt all modern trends and cutting-edge technologies in IT infrastructure like multicore-CPU's, microservices architecture, APIs, etc.

Go has absorbed all the accumulated experience of many generations of software developers. That's why despite the fact that Go is a young language it is very mature and stable. It is very efficient in terms of performance, speed of development and execution.

By taking this course you can learn the basics of Go in a few days and start to develop real applications. We start with very basics and we will cover all the things from fundamental concepts of the language, data types and execution flow control statements to developing working web application  from scratch.

What you will learn?

  • pros and cons of Go language

  • how to use Go tools and Go standard library

  • data types and control statements

  • advanced data structures

  • parallelism and concurrency in Go

  • how to structure you code

  • how to use third-party libraries

  • working with databases (PostgreSQL)

  • using Bootstrap to style your web applications

  • using Gin framework for API and dynamic page requests routing

  • how to develop an application from scratch 

At the end of the course you will have enough knowledge to use Go for real world application. The main audience for the course is beginner developers with little or no prior experience of programming in Go and people who want to switch from other programming languages. The course contains both theoretical part and live coding sessions.

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