[Google Cloud Practioner] Firebase Practice Exam Training

A complete Firebase practice test module to enhance your learnings of the platform through multiple firebase integration

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[Google Cloud Practioner] Firebase Practice Exam Training

Free Courses : [Google Cloud Practioner] Firebase Practice Exam Training

What to have an insight on your firebase training so far? This test series has classified multiple sections of firebase into 4 modules for you to ascertain the understanding of the platform.

These modules are designed for both beginners and learners, we would suggest the beginners to first go through our course at (Link) before taking the exam.

How does this test help you

Keeping in mind that experience level of individuals we have closely aligned with the course with the practical application of the platform.

It contains questions from basic background to advanced level to get everyone at the same level.

Questions are based on the practical application of the platform.

What is included

We have included every aspect of the firebase in the test series.

  • 4 Practice papers with 60 questions each.

  • 100% topic coverage.

  • Complete calculations.

  • Reasoning & the answer for better knowledge.

  • Timed question to maintain the speed.

  • Multiple retakes.

  • 24*7 Industry experts feedback.

  • Multiple device compatibility.

Topics Covered:

Section 1: Getting Started

With its libraries integrated with multiple mobile application development languages, firebase is the ultimate platform for the development of Web application development.

This platform offers backend-as-a-service feature which helps you develop mobile friendly applications, high quality applications, how you grow your user base & and how to boost your income.

Section 2: Firebase Module Introduction

Help your user store and sync their data across multiple devices using a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database. Understand how to synchronise all your data in real time and give offline support while inculcating effective data queries. Learn how to build serverless applications with firebase.

Section 3: Firebase Hosting

A production grade web content hosting platform, Firebase hosting can deploy web applications with a single command that serves both dynamic & static content to global CDN. It pairs Firebase hosting with cloud functions or cloud run. Simplify your web hosting experience with tools made specifically for modern web applications.

Section 4: Using Firebase in Multiple Platforms

Learn how to effectively align your projects with your multiple other platforms.nLearn how to integrate the valuables of multiple platforms to your firebase project.

Section 5: Firebase Functions

Cloud functions for firebase is a serverless framework that helps you automatically run backend codes. There is no need to manage & scale your own servers. Learn how to Integrate the Firebase platform with your cloud functions. Understand how Firebase automatically scales up computing resources to match the usage patterns of your users. Also understand how to Keep your logic private and secure.

Section 6: Firebase Machine Learning

Learn how to introduce powerful machine learning tools to your web application. Firebase Machine Learning helps you deploy custom ML models optimized for your on-device interface, which helps you reduce your initial app installation size & time and lets you introduce updates easily. You can also use AutoML Vision Edge to train your own custom image classification models, or access Cloud AI Vision APIs for a more turn-key solution.

Section 7: Firebase Quality Module

This feature helps you overcome any discrepancies amid the expected performance and the actual performance of your application. By use of Performance Monitoring SDKs which helps you to collect the performance data of the application and later reviews & analysis the firebase console data.

Section 8: Firebase Grow

Dive into one of the most important tools of the firebase. From predicting the future performance of your application to sending the in app notification, at any noticeable change in the usage of your application by an individual, Understand the discrepancies in your delivered performance and your standard performance.

Section 9: Firebase Tools to Save your Time

Understand the nature of your user and know how to make changes in your interface accordingly the reports generated. Send notifications and customize your alerts as per the information received. Establish a payment gateway and delete the unnecessary data saved in your system.

Section 10: Firebase Analytics

It is important to be present in front of your potential users. Hence learn how to increase your visibility through effective use of google analytics. Wander around the reports generated by the interface and understand the nature of your users. Make changes accordingly to the response and feedback from your users and enhance your reach amid your target audience.

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