Google Optimize Course 2020

Learn how to create A/B test, Multivariate Test, Redirect Test and Personalization for Conversion Rate Optimization

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Google Optimize Course 2020

Free Courses : Google Optimize Course 2020

Google Optimize is a free testing and Personalization product. The paid version is called Google Optimize 360. Google Optimize can easily be integrated with Google Analytics making it one of  the best tools for running A/B Test, Multivariate Test, Redirect Test, Personalization and Banner Templates. In this course we will be covering :

1. Introduction to Google Optimize

2. Different Types of experiments  you can run in Google Optimize

3. Creating your Google Optimize Account

4. Google Optimize Interface Overview

5. Google Optimize Account Structure

6. Connecting Google Optimize with Google Analytics

7. Adding Google Optimize tag to your website

8. Adding Google Optimize Chrome Extension

9. Creating A/ B Test using Google Optimize

10. Creating Multivariate Test using Google Optimize

11. Creating Redirect Test using Google Optimize

12. Creating Personalization experience on your Website through Google Optimize

13. Creating Banner Templates on your Websites through Google Optimize

14. How to create a Multi Page Experience using Google Optimize

15. Analyzing Google Optimize Reports

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