Ground Meat Microwave Recipes For Busy Papa

Ground meat recipes you never knew you can cook in the microwave

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Ground Meat Microwave Recipes For Busy Papa

Free Courses : Ground Meat Microwave Recipes For Busy Papa

Welcome busy papas (busy mamas are welcome too!) to this new cooking class. You've landed to the right course if what you want are easy, delicious and quick meals.

If you are looking for a cooking course with recipes that will surprise you, then this one is for you. It features several Chinese-inspired dishes such as tantan pasta, mapo tofu and shumai - all cooked in a microwave oven. The cooking time for the dishes are guaranteed less than 10 minutes - faster and easier than you might think.

In all of my cooking classes, this is the course where I have enjoyed most making. That's why I'm sure you'll have fun trying the recipes at home.

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