HackerRank Solutions using Algorithms, Data Structure in C#

Learn and understand to solve HackerRank problems using different algorithms and data structure to crack IT interviews

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HackerRank Solutions using Algorithms, Data Structure in C#

Free Courses : HackerRank Solutions using Algorithms, Data Structure in C#

Are you looking to improve your Software Development skills?

Are you targeting to get into FAANG companies and improvise your Algorithms and Data Structures?

Do you want to progress and grow professionally by learning about different algorithms and data structures?

If answer to any of the above question is yes, this course is for you.

This course contains

  1. Video solution for several HackerRank problems using the most suitable algorithms and data structures

  2. Explanation to top asked interview questions with multiple approaches/solutions

  3. Solved solutions to top HackerRank problems with explanation about Time and Space complexity

  4. Beginners trying to gain expertise in solving problems using different algorithms like Brute Force, Naive approach, Dynamic programming, Greedy algorithm, Slow pointer Fast Pointer, etc

The problems discussed in this course are from HackerRank but there are similar problem on other platforms like HackerRank, etc. These problems have been asked in several Interviews from top tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Tesla, Bloomberg, etc. The problems may not be exactly the same but at least the basic gist behind the problem is always the same. My intention is to help you understand the problem and the approach which will make it easier for you to solve similar problems easily.

As HackerRank continuously adds new and challenging problem to its sites, I will be regularly working on new video solutions and add them to this course. I'd recommend to stay tuned for new and challenging problem solutions.

I hope you find this course useful. Please reach out to me if you've any questions/concerns/comments and I will get back to you soon.

Thank you once again.



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