How to Become a Romance Writer

Learn what makes romance fiction the most popular genre in the world with the help of an award winning romance author.

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How to Become a Romance Writer

Free Courses : How to Become a Romance Writer

Have you ever read a totally enthralling romance novel and been so carried away with the characters and their love story that when you turned the last page you asked yourself, I wonder if I could write romance like that?

The good news for writers is there has never been a better time to create your own romance stories and find readers who will enjoy them.

Romance Fiction is by far the most popular form of commercial fiction enjoyed in the US today. Romance Fiction dominates the best seller lists and estimated sales for 2012 were over 1.4 Billion dollars.

Sales of romance have never been higher and publishers are looking for romance fiction of all genres and lengths to satisfy their readers.

In addition, digital only publishers have greatly increased the number of opportunities for romance writers to share their stories with the world.

This is your chance to be part of the booming market for romance fiction.

This course has been created for any aspiring romance writer, including:

    Passionate readers of romance fiction who would love to share their own stories with readers around the world.

    Creative writers who would like to explore whether romance fiction is a genre that they would enjoy.

    Anyone who already writes romance fiction for pleasure and needs help to move to the next stage and write professionally.

As a professional romance author I am going to discuss how to:

    investigate the wide range of romance fiction currently being published,

    how to research the type or romance fiction you love to read and would like to write

    overcome uncertainty and create and shape your own fiction

    learn the fundamental elements that make romance fiction special, so that you can get started and shape your writing from the start.

    The Course has been divided into FOUR Sections.

    Section 1. Welcome and Introduction to the Course

    Section 2. Introduction to Romance Fiction

    Section 3. How to Craft your Story

    Section 4. Your Writing Process.

    The course consists of a combination of video lectures and quiz exercises to checks on your understanding, using examples taken from romance fiction.

    At the end of the course you will have

    a much clearer appreciation of what kind of romance fiction that you enjoy and want to write, and

    how to use the specific story craft techniques to create compelling romance fiction.

    You will also receive a fully illustrated PDF book of the full and extended lecture notes that you can keep and refer to any time you need.

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