How To Use a Smartphone - Basic Tutorial

Learn Effective Use of a Smartphone

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How To Use a Smartphone - Basic Tutorial

Free Courses : How To Use a Smartphone - Basic Tutorial

A lot of people, especially elderly persons, often ask me how to use a smartphone, or is there any way we can learn using a smartphone without engaging anyone to help us? This course, Learn to use Mobile phones to increase productivity is designed for people who are unfamiliar with the power of this small gadget. In today's world, we are blessed with technologies like a smartphone on which we can use YouTube, Facebook, Google Assistant to get knowledge of anything, to communicate with our friends and loved ones, to ask anything with Google Assistant. Now no one can complain that he or she doesn't know anything.

My name is Rehan Allahwala and I am an Entrepreneur, Technology Evangelist and YouTuber. I love to teach people about social media, entrepreneurship, and communication.

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