HyperSense AI Studio-Be a citizen data scientist-Expert 101

Level II - Enhance your ML modeling by knowing how to build better ML models

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HyperSense AI Studio-Be a citizen data scientist-Expert 101

Free Courses : HyperSense AI Studio-Be a citizen data scientist-Expert 101

Rapid digitization is changing the data landscape across industries. It has led to a massive explosion of data volumes. To derive meaningful insights from data, many enterprises have accelerated AI adoption across their businesses. Data Science is applicable across all business verticals and the use cases are only increasing.

Subexs HyperSense AI Studio is a no-code data science environment with AI automation capabilities to build and manage AI models.

HyperSense AI Studio enables any user to build and operationalize AI successfully using automated machine learning. While the no code capability helps citizen data scientists to build their models easily, it also increases the efficiency of data scientists allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks. It automates every step of the data science lifecycle including, feature engineering, algorithm selection, and hyper-parameter tuning.

This course is designed to help learners understand the advanced concepts of data science models. This course introduces you to common machine learning techniques which will help you to build robust ML models. This course takes you into the details of various algorithms and explains the working of the same so that you are better prepared to use the right models.

Finally, there is a use case shared via a walk-through, which shows how AI Studio can be used to build complex models in a simple and efficient way.

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