I want to connect my Xamarin Forms app to REST API

I want to connect my Xamarin Forms app to REST API

Free Courses : I want to connect my Xamarin Forms app to REST API

Most business and consumermobile apps connects to a backendto store data. As a developer, you need to understand how to implement such a system. HTTP Requests, REST API, JSON, CRUD, DataBinding andHTTPClient are the technology concepts used for the communication between a mobile application and a web service. This course explains these technologies in a simple way by showing their practical side. The objective is that the learner will be able to build his first nativecross platform mobile app (iOS & Android) that communicates with a backend, in less than half a day!

As a good preparation for professional development, this course uses the same tools used by professional developers: Visual Studio, Postman, ASP.NET Core, Xamarin Forms and Azure App Service.


  1. What we will be developing
  2. Creating a REST API using ASP.NET Core
  3. Adding the Todo model and its Controller
  4. Testing the web service using Postman
  5. Publishing the web service to MicrosoftAzure
  6. Creating the Xamarin Forms project
  7. Implementing a static ListView
  8. Applying MVVM design pattern to our app
  9. Adding DataService to call web services
  10. Implementing HTTP GET request
  11. Implementing HTTP POST request
  12. Creating a UI for sending Todo items
  13. Adding a new ViewModel
  14. Implementing HTTP PUT request
  15. Creating a UI for updating Todo items
  16. Implementing HTTPDELETE request
  17. Creating a UI for removingTodo items
  18. Refreshing TodoListView using a Button
  19. Refreshing TodoListView with PullToRefresh
  20. Enhancing the UI design
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