Introduction to Java Swing & AWT: GUI and Game Development

Foundation Level of Java Swing and Java AWT

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Introduction to Java Swing & AWT: GUI and Game Development

Free Courses : Introduction to Java Swing & AWT: GUI and Game Development

In the course you will learn the most commonly used methods for developing Games and GUI applications in Java. This course is specifically designed to be as a starting point for students who want to take more advanced Java Game Development or Java GUI Application Development courses in the future.  For that reason each topic is covered in a lecture with length of 3-5 minutes, so you can grasp the material easily and refer to it when needed.

The course is mainly theoretical and covers the development of applications frame and various methods used to display and interact with functional objects in that frame. However, we will also show you practical examples of how to develop simple java game so you get some basic practice and apply what you have learned.

When you finish the course you will have firm knowledge and be able to overtake more advanced topics.

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