Introduction to NFT Games and Metaverse Development

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Introduction to NFT Games and Metaverse Development

Free Courses : Introduction to NFT Games and Metaverse Development

In the crypto world, currency units are similarly fungible and interchangeable, but not all digital assets are. Thats where

NFTs come in. The digitization of media  including art, music, videos, books and even news or blog posts has confounded the nature of ownership, copyrights, and intellectual property. This is largely due to the ease with which digital media can be copied and reproduced. Nevertheless, NFTs provide a means for owners of different types of digital content to sell and trade their property using the advantages provided by the decentralized crypto space.

Games like Axie Infinity allow players to create digital NFT creatures with unique characteristics that can be traded for real cryptocurrency to other players. In the property-trading game Upland, users participate in a virtual real estate market where NFTs represent parcels mapped to real-world locations.

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. In futurism and science fiction, the term is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality.

Access points for metaverses include general-purpose computers and smartphones, in addition to augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR), and virtual world technologies.

The metaverse will become a platform thats not tied to any one app or any single place digital or real, explains Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation technology at NVIDIA.

And just as virtual places will be persistent, so will the objects and identities of those moving through them, allowing digital goods and identities to move from one virtual world to another, and even into our world, with augmented reality.

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