Juniper Networks Logical Systems Part 1 - OSPF

Lab juniper on 1 VMX device - upto 15 virtual machines in one and it fantastic for labbing

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Juniper Networks Logical Systems Part 1 - OSPF

Free Courses : Juniper Networks Logical Systems Part 1 - OSPF

In part 1 of this free juniper logical systems course  we will see how to use one juniper vmx image to run 14 nested routers in logical systems.

We will look at how to enable the tunnel services and create a 14 router ospf topology, create users and basic ospf md5 and simple password authentication.

Juniper logical systems are a fantastic way to lab for the juniper jncia, juniper jncis and the juniper jncip.

Juniper logical systems have many applications in the workplace as you can simulate up to 15 devices on one router and this can have great savings in a production setting.

Juniper logical systems for learning is a great way to go, one juniper vmx image uses up to 6gb or ram and 4 cpu's so the resource saving on running a large juniper lab is huge and well worth the time in learning this in built feature.

If you are studying for any of the following juniper certifications then this course will be very helpful

Juniper Automation and DevOps

Juniper Cloud

Juniper Data Center

Juniper Design

Juniper Enterprise Routing and Switching

Juniper Mist AI

Juniper Security

Juniper Service Provider Routing and Switching

Juniper logical systems can be uses for Associate, Specialist and Professional level juniper certifications

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