Kanban in a nutshell - theoretical and practical basics

Learn the basics of the Kanban method and finally stop starting and start finishing your work!

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Kanban in a nutshell - theoretical and practical basics

Free Courses : Kanban in a nutshell - theoretical and practical basics

A systematized knowledge pill about the Agile Kanban method of work, consisting of thematically related sections and modules. At the end of each of them there is a knowledge test verifying understanding of a given topic.

The course includes not only a detailed discussion of the basic elements of Kanban, such as:

  • Agendas

    • Sustainability Agenda

    • Service-Delivery Orientation

    • Survivability Agenda

  • Cadences

    • Replenishment

    • Kanban meeting

    • Delivery Planning Meeting

  • Practices

    • Work visualization

    • WIP Limit

    • Flow management

    • Explicit Policies

    • Implementing Feedback Loops

    • Improve Collaboratively, Evolve Experimentally

but also includes an additional chapter on implementing Kanban in the organization and team using the STATIK system method. You will also find scientific references to The Theory of Constraints, Little's Law and systems thinking, which is used in the Kanban method.

All modules, along with knowledge-testing questions, additional materials, practical tips and support from the author, constitute a coherent product that will help you understand what Kanban is and how to use this approach in practice. This course can be used by both beginners who have not heard this method before and those who want to systematize their knowledge.

The author of the course is an enthusiast and a long-time practitioner of the Agile approach, who gained his experience in various organizations and industries, building comprehensive, practical knowledge in this area.

For completing the course, a Udemy Certificate of Completion is awarded, confirming its finifhing and providing correct answers to the test questions.

If you are also interested in other methods under the umbrella of "Agile" see my other courses, e.g. about the basics of Scrum.

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