Knitting Crash Course: Learn to Knit It Now

Quick start course to knit one customisable project in 1 hour's teaching total.

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Knitting Crash Course: Learn to Knit It Now

Free Courses : Knitting Crash Course: Learn to Knit It Now

This quick and easy course will get you up and knitting in under 1 hour.

Fed up of scrolling through YouTube, trying to find clear and understandable knitting videos? Incomplete step-by-step tutorials driving you crazy?

This course has what you're looking for. I start at the beginning and teach you the very basics of knitting, never assuming prior knowledge. You'll quickly be ready to make your first project: a scarf in whichever size, colour and length you like!

  • Learn the 2 stitches behind every knitted fabric.
  • Master techniques like casting on, casting off and changing colour.
  • Delight your friends and family with a personalised, handmade scarf.
  • Understand types of yarn and how to read a yarn band.

Learning to knit is a useful skill that will stick with you for life.

Not only is it a rewarding and creative craft, it has been shown to improve your memory and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. The regular rhythms of knitting are scientifically proven to act as stress relief, as a form of meditation and mindfulness.

Most of these in depth, quick start tutorials come straight from my larger (over 9 hours) course Learn to Knit It: Complete 7 Simple Projects. It is a full zero to hero course for beginner knitters, taking them from little or no experience to a confident beginner knitter.

Content and Overview

Starting with a quick overview of tools and materials you can find in a knitting shop, you'll go straight in and learn the two most important knitted stitches: knit and purl. To practice these techniques, you'll immediately get to use them in a project and knit a multicoloured scarf. Once your scarf is completed, I give you guidance about where to go next in the world of knitting.

What Will I Get?

Students who have completed this course will be able to approach knitting patterns with confidence and have the knowledge to create unique knitted items. You'll also receive:

  • Useful guides such as yarn weight and needle size charts
  • 'Knit-a-longs' so you are NEVER left alone with a cryptic knitting pattern.
  • Help and support from me right the way through.

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