KPI and Balanced Scorecard- From 0 to 100%

Understand the principles and practical use of managing a company’s performance using Balanced Scorecards & KPI's

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KPI and Balanced Scorecard- From 0 to 100%

Free Courses : KPI and Balanced Scorecard- From 0 to 100%

This KPI Certification course provides an introduction to Key Performance Indicators and their strategic context. Participants are introduced to a step-by-step methodology for the development of various types of KPIs. Through brief lectures, case studies, and applied exercises, participants acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of KPI development. They learn how to achieve true buy-in to performance measurement by fostering a performance measurement culture and how to strongly align measures that drive improvement with strategy.

The emphasis is placed on comprehending basic KPI terminology and the purpose of measurement, as well as the strategic context required for the development and alignment of meaningful KPIs. During the course, participants acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of KPI development and focus on rendering strategy measurable and easier to communicate and cascade. They select and design KPIs in a consistent manner, utilizing the appropriate data and with the correct ownership. With this knowledge, participants design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards that focus discussion on improvement and enable them to clearly discern the real signals from measures regarding whether performance is improving or not.

Upon completion of the course, participants will possess an understanding of how to clearly communicate desired results and effectuate lasting improvements in performance. They will be capable of tightly aligning measures with strategy and measuring intangible goals while streamlining the measurement and reporting process to reduce cost, effort, and cycle time. By acquiring knowledge of KPI Development, participants will obtain everything necessary to create measures that transform an organizations performance.

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