Land a High Potential Fortune 500 Executive Fast Track Job!

Land a High Potential Fortune 500 Executive Fast Track Job!

Free Courses : Land a High Potential Fortune 500 Executive Fast Track Job!

Let Fortune 500 CEO Dave Watkins Gives You the Secrets of Fearless Interviews!

Dont youloatheit?

The prospect of stepping into a room of strangers,selling yourselfto an executive you have never met and facing a job market interview.

Uncomfortableis natural. But this may beterrorfor you.

Are you making a goodimpression? Did you justsaythe right thing?

Dontfeelalone. Business schools and universities teachhard skillsfor the completion of complicated tasks.

Soft skillsthat make you look good, smell good, and sound good in an interview are sadly absent from college classes these days.

Master Any Interview

Despite advanced training even a straight A student from a top school will admit that interviewing and talking withexecutivesis uncomfortable. This course will turn you into an expert professional polished for anyshark-tankinterview.

Soft skills are sadlyunderestimated.

Those graduates who arecomfortableandconfidentin an interview are the most likely to be selected for the position. WhenCEO Daveteaches university students soft skills they experience a dramatic, positive change in their career path.

Now hes put all of these into thisexcitingcourse here on Udemy.

Just bylistening, you will master interpersonal skills you need to deal with any Fortune 500 executive track placement interview.

Thepayoff? Doors will swingopenwide before you.

You wont hesitate to accept an interviewopportunity. Practice makesperfect.

You will never again feel like an outsider inCorporate America.

Success will naturally carry you up the corporate ladder breaking up through your glass ceiling. And with less effort than you ever thoughtpossible.

Winning Strategies

Here is just a sampling of what youll discoverinsideLand Your 1st High Pay Fortune 500 Executive Fast Track Job!

The most powerfulmind focus techniquesdefine yourdefinite major purposefor the next 5 to 10 years.

Howhigh potential candidateswork an interview.

Therules of successful interviewingand ahuge mistake many job seekers make.

How to interviewconvincinglybecause you have researched your target employer inside and out.

Magic words that win executivetrustandgoodwill.

How tohandledifficult interviewerssimple yetpowerfultechniques to turn any corporate hit-man into your biggest ally.

Is he (or she) actuallyinterestedin hiring you? Know theclues.

How and when to show that you have one thing in common that all Fortune 500 firms want commitment.

Are executivespattingyou on the back to send you off or to take you in? Watch for thesecues.

Spot the rightgate-keepers. How toreach for unreachableinterviews.

Dozens of often-saidexpressionsnone of which you should ever utterin an interview!

Get what you want by utilizingshrewd tacticsfor negotiation, persuasion, and selling your sharper image. Discoverpowerful formulasto win over employers in any interview.

And much, much, muchmore!

NO-RISKfree course, plus greatFREE SOFTWARE.

Enrollright now. Put this course to work andseewhat happens.

Youll receive a special link tofree softwarethat will give you the ability to collect sound-bytes of praise from your most coveted allies. These words ofconfidenceandtrustthat others place in you are like big bars of gold to tip the scales in your favorBEFOREthe interview.

Now you can grab and build soft skills to interview with confidence for your Fortune 500dream careerwith anyone, anywhere, any time. Youll be quick to take theexpress elevatorup the corporate ladder. Achieve your goals to gain areal differencein your life. Enrollright nowthis instant do it!-Doc Brown

Dr. Scott Brown, Associate Professor of Finance of the AACSB Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico.


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