Laravel 8 Build a shopping cart & deploy it on Cloudways

Laravel 8  Build a shopping cart & deploy it on Cloudways

Free Courses : Laravel 8 Build a shopping cart & deploy it on Cloudways

Have you been trying to learn Laravel and are you ready to take it a step further by creating a shopping cart? Try this 2-hour free course out!

Who this course is for

People who are looking for web programming jobs

People who want to learn everything about Laravel

People who struggle with projects

People who want to learn how to host a Laravel project on Cloudways

Version numbers of this project

Laravel 8.7

Tailwind 2.0

What will we do?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks out now. Learning the fundamentals of a language is one thing, but learning through real-life projects is another. In this course, we will be creating the following:

Basic home page

Shop page that shows all products

Specific product page

Shopping cart

What will you be learning in this course?

How to setup Controllers, Models, Migrations & Routes

Setup database seeders

Storing images correctly through the storage

Building the frontend from an existing repository

Making our pages dynamic

Saving products into a session

Deleting products from a session

What will we not be doing?

Udemy courses can be a maximum of 2-hours, so I had to cut some parts out of this tutorial. We wont be creating the following:


A payment system

A total amount overview

Working on local projects is awesome when you are a beginner. But what comes after? We will be using a cloud managed hosting platform called Cloudways to host our project simply in a couple steps, into the cloud!

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