Learn Conducttr - Part 3

Allegro - Course 3 of 3. Become a proficient advanced user of Conducttr, the multiplatform interactive storytelling tool

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Learn Conducttr - Part 3

Free Courses : Learn Conducttr - Part 3

This is Allegro course, the third and last course to learn how to use Conducttr.

Conducttr is a multi-platform interactive storytelling tool... think of it as photoshop for transmedia storytelling.

Includes course materials such as twitter profile icons and presentations.

The course will take approximately 1 hr and a half to complete.

Conducttr is a professional transmedia production and management tool used on projects from independent designers to major brands.

You can get up-to-speed with previous introductory courses:

Adagio - www.udemy.com/conducttr

Moderato - www.udemy.com/conducttr_2

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