Learn Ethical Hacking from zero to hero

here we learn about everything about Ethical Hacking like WIRESHARK,SQL INJECTION,ENCRYPTION,NMAP,FOOTPRINTING &ManyMore

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Learn Ethical Hacking from zero to hero

Free Courses : Learn Ethical Hacking from zero to hero

what we learn

  1. Kali Linux

  2. parrot os

  3. cyber threats

  4. basics of cyber security

  5. basics of cryptography

  6. History of Ethical Hacking

  7. Penetration Testing

  8. Footprinting

  9. using DNS to get more information

  10. TCP/IP

  11. wireshark

  12. DHCP

  13. Types of cryptography

  14. Cryptography Hashing

  15. TLS & SSL

  16. Disk encryption

  17. IDS Evasion

  18. Scanning

  19. Fundamentals Of Networking

  20. launch Kali Linux on WINDOWS Using vmware

  21. launch Kali Linux on MAC Using Virtual Box

  22. Installing Kali Tools On Linux Distribution

  23. Parrot OS detail

  24. Parrot Operating System

  25. Kali Linux v/s Parrot OS

  26. Penetration Testing

  27. Nmap

  28. Cross-site Scripting

  29. DDOS Attack

  30. SQL Injection

  31. SQL Injection Attack

  32. Stegnography

  33. LSB Stegnography

  34. Ethical Hacking Roadmap

  35. Interview questions

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