Learn Figma: UI/UX Design Masterclass From Beginner to Pro

Mobile App UI/UX Design in Figma: From Concept to Prototype

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Learn Figma: UI/UX Design Masterclass From Beginner to Pro

Free Courses : Learn Figma: UI/UX Design Masterclass From Beginner to Pro

Welcome to our class of figma uiux beginner tutorial for learning how to use figma for uiux so if you are planning to learn how to use figma from the beginning then you are in the right place because we will cover in this. This class covers the basics so if you have any prior experience than it might be helpful for you to understand this class properly, if not then dont worry as we will be teaching you all that you need to know as we go.

Lets take a look at what you will be learning from this course;

1. Interface & Workspace

2. Tools & Utilities

3. Understanding Layers & Pages

4. Adding & Designing Text

5. Creating Wireframes

6. Button

7. Smart Selection % Tidy

8. Input Fields

9. Prototyping & Animation

10. Smart Animations & Micro Interaction

11. Collaborating in Figma

12. Organizing and optimising work using Grids

13. Colour theory & Colour Tools

14. Using colour Gradients & Layouts

15. Making a Placeholder Image

16. Masking and cropping

After Completing this Class, you will be able to

Use Figma to make basic UIUX Designs

Use the interface to utilize and enhance productivity

Colour Grade

Export in more advance and customized settings

Optimise Workflow

Do Project Examples

Now do keep this in mind that is a project-based Course, so at the end of all the classes you will have a class project that will enable you to actively participate in them to practice or refine what you have learned throughout the entire course. You will be provided with supporting resources so it will become easier to learn as we go.

During Learning if you have any queries or problem then do feel free to ask me. I will always be available to help if needed. So let us go ahead and start.

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