Learn GitHub Codespaces For Java Development

A codespace is a software development environment hosted in the cloud and accessed via a browser.

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Learn GitHub Codespaces For Java Development

Free Courses : Learn GitHub Codespaces For Java Development

If you are looking for a framework for developing Java programs across most hardware platforms using a simple browser and the internet, then this is the course for you. In this course you will be taken through essential GitHub usage as well as the creation of a GitHub codespace for Java development. This course will not take you through learning Java.

A GitHub codespace is a Linux-based virtual machine that contains a local repository that you want to use for software development. More specifically, the codespace contains a development UI that is based on the popular Visual Studio Code IDE. As with the desktop version of Visual Studio Code, the codespace version allows the addition of extensions to aid in the software development process for the language of your choosing. The codespace also contains a Terminal (command shell) for doing many useful command line operations such as command line Git operations (e.g. git add, git commit, git push, git status) and all of the most common Linux commands.

One of the major headaches with software development is the installation of all of the tools and languages necessary for code creation. The beauty of a GitHub codespace is that all of this installation has already occurred by the time you launch a codespace for a given repository. For instance, the Java JVM and Java compiler, javac, are already installed and ready for use and all within a browser. If you think this is magic, it is!!! Come on in and have a look

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