Learn HTML in 2 hours!

Learn HTML in 2 hours!

Free Udemy : Learn HTML in 2 hours!

Course Description

HTML is one of the most essential languages you must learn if you want to become a web developer - theycanalso the easiest if you learn in the right way.

With this thorough course you will learn all the skills you need to start your journey into web design!!

You will watchclear videos where I code along side you and provide the code in a PDFthat you can reference later on this course. Thisis a foolproof way of learning HTML fast!

Take this course if you want to learn HTML in a fast and efficient way.

Why take this course?

Currently the world is undergoing a digital revolution, companies and sectors are using their digital capabilities to innovate and transform how they operate. The rapid rate of change has meant many companies now exist purely online -so if you haven'talready started thinking about your coding skills it is time to start. Whether you want to be able to create a start-up or start a career as a web designer or even just create your own blog site then this course is for you!

In under 2 hours of your time we will get you up and running and ready to code websites with confidence and finesse!

** You will also get a discount to my course on CSS and building a website from scratch once you have completed this course!

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