Learn Java and Software Engineering with Minecraft

Build Minecraft Plugins and Run Your Own Server

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Learn Java and Software Engineering with Minecraft

Free Courses : Learn Java and Software Engineering with Minecraft

Are you interested in learning about programming? Does software engineering as a career choice interest you? Start with building your own Minecraft plugins! This course requires no coding experience and covers all the knowledge you need to become a successful Minecraft Plugin Developer.

Enroll in the course now because:

  • Java and programming skills are in high demand.

  • Develop Minecraft plugin projects to show you are passionate about technology and take initiative.

  • Boost your resume with Minecraft plugins as side projects.

  • Freelance opportunity and contract work related to Minecraft or the software development industry.

  • Sell premium plugins to Minecraft server owners.

  • Build custom servers for players

By the end of this course, you will know:

  • Programming languages (Java)

  • Data structures (Array, List, HashMap)

  • Design Patterns (Builder, Factory)

  • Spigot API (Events, Items, Effects)

  • Development Tools (IntelliJ, GitHub, Maven)

  • Software Engineering Skills (Debugger, Tracing, and Problem-solving)

In the course, the Minecraft plugins run on Spigot, which is the biggest Minecraft server software. We will set up a Minecraft server that players can connect to, install everything need to develop softwars, and develop plugins that run on the latest version of Minecraft server (currently 1.19) but the course includes the tutorial on how to downgrade or upgrade plugin to run on different version of Minecraft.

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