Learn Magica Voxel - Create 3D Game Models For Unity3D

Use Magica Voxel to create amazing 3D models for video games , to sell , 3D world , etc. No prior knowledge required.

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Learn Magica Voxel - Create 3D Game Models For Unity3D

Free Courses : Learn Magica Voxel - Create 3D Game Models For Unity3D

Magica Voxel is amazing software which enables you to create amazing 3D Voxel Art which can be used in any game engines.

Why you must learn Magica Voxel:-

  • Create asset for video games.
  • Design amazing 3D houses and cars.
  • Make money by selling arts.

Learn how to create voxel art for games using Magica Voxel , the free to use software.

We will start my getting basics of magica voxel. You will be amazed what you can achieve with this course.

You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee.

If you are complete beginner , Ill teach you all the modelling fundamentals youll need. If you are programmer Ill teach you how to make amazing models with less time for your games.

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