Learn Videoscribe from Scratch

Learn Videoscribe from Scratch

Free Courses : Learn Videoscribe from Scratch

Hello Everyone!! I am here to teach everything about the video scribe through series of videos and practice sessions. In case if you dont know, videoscribe is whiteboard animation software. Whiteboard animation is the process in which an author physically draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard. In whiteboard animations, the author usually shares his or her stories that are drawn by hand or marker. This makes the viewers get engaged more than on the other ways of storytelling. We can also add a voice-over that makes the viewers see the animations with soothing sounds that makes the viewers more focused on the action.

You should not have to get any background knowledge to start with this program. All you need is a computer with the video scribe software installed.. and thats it we are ready to go.

We will start from the very basics with knowing all the features of the software and end creating great animations. we will also learn about adding our images and other content. we will also learn how to add the whiteboard animations we created into other editing software like Camtasia. Whiteboard animations are great way to deliver your stories as

1. Whiteboard animations are very focused.

2. this animation style is universal

3. clear to understand

4. cheaper to produce and less time to edit.

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