Legal Document Automation with Afterpattern

Legal Document Automation with Afterpattern

Free Courses : Legal Document Automation with Afterpattern

Learn how to transform your legal expertise into document automation and LegalZoom-like products!

This is the most comprehensive course on Afterpattern, the "no-code" automation builder used by thousands of law firms, courts, and legal aid. If you're interested in building legal practice automation for your staff or self-help legal apps for the public, this course is for you. No technical experience required.

Afterpattern will help you turn your legal expertise into a software product.

  • Save time by creating document assembly workflows that make it easy for you and your staff to auto-populate document templates by using the information in your database.

  • Create new revenue streams by building your own LegalZoom-like products that allow the public to answer questions online and auto-populate document templates.

You will learn how to create legal apps and automate document templates that go beyond "find & replace." Use conditional formatting to produce a wide range of final documents, each tailored to specific facts at hand. Your templates can generate PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and even emails.

Software is changing how legal services are delivered. This course will help you stay ahead of the curve. Also, becoming an Afterpattern builder is a great way to have fun with your legal expertise!

*This course has been created by A2J Tech ("A2J"). A2J has no authority to make any representation or promise in connection to Afterpattern*

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