Life Coach: The Complete Life Coach Certification Course

life coach helps others define how they want to improve themselves, helps them develop a plan to do, life coaching

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Life Coach: The Complete Life Coach Certification Course

Free Courses : Life Coach: The Complete Life Coach Certification Course

A life coach helps others define how they want to improve themselves, helps them develop a plan to do so and holds them accountable to implement the plan. Their role is actually quite simple. They help us answer three questions: What do I want to change about myself, How do I change,  How do I commit to changing, Whether its being a better lawyer, a leader or manager or whether its more personal, such as getting in shape, losing weight, being a better parent, change starts with identifying what you want to change about yourself, figuring out how to get from here to there and making that change a reality. Life coaches help you do this. They help you to get to know yourself better, define what you really want and work with you on how to get it. Successful individuals set goals and pursue them. When we feel stuck, were in a rut, or we find ourselves asking, How did I get here? we know we need to make a change, but we have difficulty defining the change and have less of an idea of how to make it.  life coach helps you answer these questions.

A life coach can lead you to water but cant make you drink. A life coach can help you devise a plan, but he cant execute the plan.  life coach can give you the tools, but wont build the house for you. The hard workgetting up every morning and working toward your goals every day, in both small and big waysthats all you.  life coach will help you design the blueprint, but you mix and pour the concrete, saw the wood and build.

This is where most dreams fail. This is where the best of intentions only get you so far. This is where its you changing, ever so incrementally, step by step, inch by inch, making a new you. Your life coach can offer advice, motivation and inspiration but youre the one on the field. Youre the one running and hustling, blocking and tackling, throwing and receiving, making the moves and making the plays. In short, a life coach is just that a coach

a life coach helps you figure things out, but once you havea strategy, its up to you to execute. hes not there to hold your hand or carry you across the finish line. he helps you be the brains of the operation. good life coach has a process for you to follow to determine what you want to change, how to change it and how to stick with it through the end. You two are co-architects and youre the contractor.

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