Light Painting In 360 With The Ricoh Theta S

Light Painting In 360 With The Ricoh Theta S

Free Courses : Light Painting In 360 With The Ricoh Theta S

So you've bought the Ricoh Theta S cameraand want to take your 360 photography skills to the next level. With 360 gaining popularity so rapidly, it's essential to broaden your creativeskillsetif you really wantyour work stand out from the crowd.

As someone fortunate enough to have one of the top Instagram accounts in the 360 niche, i can tell you that my success has been no coincidence. The reason i got to the top wasbecause i keenly observedwhat the most popular photo styles were over the years,and took note ofwhatpeople responded to the best. My most popular Instagram photos ever were mostlylight paintings, and the extra attention they brought me, helped me getdiscovered as a serious name in the photography world.

In this brand new course by LIFEin 360, i'm going to teach you EVERYTHINGi know about light painting, as i embark upon a an important assignment for Ricoh, on one of their big social media campaigns. The end result became one of their most popular images ever, and this course willwalkyou through every step of the journey i took to snap it.You've seen our 360 tutorials on Youtube, andnow we take it to the NEXT level for our advanced Theta Susers. By the end of this course, you will have a broad knowledge of 360 light painting, accompanied by the technicalskills and know-how necessary to execute the same stunning imageswith your own camera.

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