Linux Administration Basics & Linux Command Line Basics

Start in Linux, understand the Linux Administration basics and begin your journey to master the Linux Command Line.

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Linux Administration Basics & Linux Command Line Basics

Free Courses : Linux Administration Basics & Linux Command Line Basics

Testimonials from my students: 

"The instructor did an excellent job of simply teaching practical navigation around the command line interface of Linux. I would absolutely recommend this as a foundational Linux class for absolute beginners. Too many courses go into every option of every command; most of which we do not ever use. This training simply directs you to use the specific commands. Like all language learning, you pick up the dry definitions info as real-world examples are executed, such that strong learner take-aways result." - Dana B. ( 5 Star Review )

"Excellent cover of all basic things with good examples and clear explanation." - piotr lejwoda ( 5 Star Review )    

"This course was paced correctly for my level of experience - complete newbie to Linux and using a terminal window. Mohamed is clear speaking and to the point. Thanks!"  - Martha C. ( 5 Star Review ) 

"perfect delivery for learning a new course. very easy to understand and follow." - Louis N. ( 5 Star Review ) 

"Very straightforward, clear and simple explanation with hands on examples to follow along; what I would have expected for a beginner's course." - Jacques J. ( 5 Star Review )

Enroll and join the other 55K+ students who have taken this course and began their journey !

What will this course teach me ? 

This is a Linux introductory course which will present for you an explanation about the Linux OS in no time, how to install it on a virtual machine and work with it on your computer and a head start on it's command line basics.

The topics covered in this course are:

- What is Linux?

- Linux History

- What does Linux Distributions mean?

- Linux File System Hierarchy

- Install VirtualBox

- Install Linux

- Linux Basic commands 

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