Living Farm! The Self-Reliance Cash Crop Organic IdeaBank

A Storehouse of Organic Food Science- Self-Reliance, Cash Crops, Economics, Wisdom from Organic Farms around the World

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Living Farm! The Self-Reliance Cash Crop Organic IdeaBank

Free Courses : Living Farm! The Self-Reliance Cash Crop Organic IdeaBank

                                   WELCOME TO LIVING FARM!
hey, it's SimPL.

  • LEARN the Principles and Efforts Required, for Self-Reliance Farming- quickly, sensibly

  • CASH CROPS: Earn MORE Money per unit of Work -
    How To Fit these Coveted Jewels to your Farming Plans

  • PERENNIALS, Your Primary Crop Focus:  Work is Up-Front,
    Future Fruits and efforts become simpler- with increasing Income, ROI

  • STUDY Techniques and Crops of other worldwide Growers -
    Can These Apply to YOU?


FOR THE FIRST TIME in recent memory,
ORGANIC FARMERS are rising to Center Stage
in global importance to their fellow Humans-

AS Health & Wellness is a PRIMAL human concern throughout our precious, abused and damaged Planet-

We stand in the position now, finally-
to provide the highest-quality, highly-valued and vitally enriching FOOD,
to a human DEMAND which will continue to RISE
as "conventional", long-supply-chain chemical farming continues to FAIL.

WE, as food growers, CAN MAKE PEOPLE STRONGER-

to this, I say THANK YOU for showing interest in this oft-
ignored and maligned area of human effort.
~ thank you ALL, for being here ~


A Note For Organic Farmers:

The Essential BioDynamics is intended to be taken BEFORE the farming courses, in a logical triad of Cosmos Education, Earth-Care, and Strategic Organic Food Production.

1. The Essential BioDynamics provides The Why- vital details on supportive Cosmic rhythms, delivering the unique potency for
2. Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening which provides The How- a basic foundation of Earth prep and BioDynamic-Organic Food Production, and
3. Living Farm! provides The What- strategizing farm efforts, and suggests practical Options to improve long-term Economics and Community Acceptance for You, The Bio-Organic Farmer.

WELLCOME to a growing compendium of THE REAL,
from the ground up-

ADVANCED LECTURES in market-wise and responsible farm strategies, and operational detailing as told by the farmers who steward their bits of land and resources.

  • SELF-RELIANCE- a piecewise breakdown of what makes a Self-Reliant Organic Farm

  • WHOLISM- what is it, and why would I care? What's this to do with a farm?

  • CA$H CROPS- apply highest probabilities, result in the highest quality- add in a disciplined and diligent economic- and deliver Life's Beloved Essentials to a hot, awaiting public

  • ACTUAL, OPERATING ORGANIC FARM EXAMPLES-  as told by the farmers who steward their bits of land and resources, and shown to us by the very RESULTS we will see before us.

  • DIFFERING VIEWPOINTS- add diversity to what has been presented in the previous TWO SimPLife farm courses

  • UNKNOWN OR EXOTIC TECHNIQUES- can THESE be adapted to improve how you manage your own Operation?

  • CASUAL EXPERIMENTS IN FARM PRODUCTION- posing the questions, of WHAT may happen IF- the venerable WhatIf- which can inspire us to useable ideas

  • BURGEONING OPERATIONS- starting humbly, growing to robust presence,  maturing, evolving past merely furnishing the family table or sharing food wealth with others, past providing at local farm markets ---> and into EARNING THEIR ICON,
    arising as a studied tour destination, farming-lore subject matter expert, community point-of-pride.......and here to capture YOUR interest



24 April 2020-  A New Section:
                        The Self-Reliant Farm- Wholistic, BioIntense, Strategic
                        6 lectures, review/lecture style

25 April 2020- A New Section:
                       CA$H CROPS- Earn a Good LIVING in What You Love DOING

                        8 lectures - updates scheduled

27 April 2020- A New Section:
                       IdeaBLASTS-  Brief Exchanges with Big Ideas

                        3 lectures - updates scheduled

20 May 2020- A New Section:
                       MidTerm Break- Balance & The Triad
2 lectures

13 June 2020- a CA$H CROP miniseries:
                       Avocados- Care and Planting, Species & Localization, Big
3 lectures

1 July 2020-   QUIZZES added in, testing and review data
                      for each of 9 sections.

this brings the course total to 77 lectures & quizzes, and the day aint over yet...


This isnt a COURSE, in the traditional sense; think of it as a very affordable investment,  a Knowledge Fund with growing dividends. pun...
ok that was intended.

This is an IDEABANK, a pointer to POSSIBILITIES for your own farming adventures, and an advanced view of what farming is and may be for you- - -

MANY VIDEOS are rough & raw, many are straight camera-to-course. The farm and farmer conditions or constraints are explained in as great a detail as possible, the remainder of what you see and hear- becomes your ever present, ever accessible idea trove for the musing with many more to come.

SHOWN HERE IS A DIVERSITY of crops, many with accompanying tips and techniques for growth or marketing

YOU WILL SEE different ecosystems & growing regions, each with constraining weather and seasonal conditions

YOU WILL HEAR farmers stories, of persisting in the face of calamity and adversity, and finding our Divine Earths encouraging dogged insistence of prevailing despite all that...

YOU NOW HAVE a Lifelong Co-Conspirator; farm guide, coach, call it a kindred zealot who shares your excitements and will offer assistance to support you throughout your own journey, of naked ground- to soil prep- to seeding- to growth- finally to harvest, in the midst of the bumps and setbacks you may encounter.

my name is im, with decades of farm experience, at your service.

SimPLife, the educational platform created for these offerings, wishes only to help in whatever way small or grand, to help facilitate the Lost Arts of the Basic,

TO ASSIST in the arming of denizens in this Human World- not to defacto conflict and violence- rather to the beguiling abundance and joy which Earth-as-Partner promises us-

WHEN OUR ATTENTIONS are once again drawn towards Responsibility- for our own Life Staples and for those Dear Ones around us~



......and roll the dice right there beside the Gods of Experience- with as much likelihood for success as anyone else out there.......

!VIVE LA REVOLUCION, we say.......!

THIS IS SimPLife, and i am still im. see you inside.

multiplicity   for


* the main focus in the original course, Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening, was on learning the Ladakhi Organic Farm Method, as being overall the best, simplest & resource-conservative working farm stewardship that SimPLife has found throughout its decades-long multicultural global wanderings.

Most of the farms exampled herein however, are doing their own thing- SimPLife does not intend to judge these as a competing or lesser viewpoint, but does analyze and discuss each detail in order to foster greater understanding.

YOUR FEEDBACK is essential in this ever-unfolding effort, as we surmise the greater contributing energetic attention attracts the approach of a greater Beneficial Human Truth, to bounce back outward in the sharing.

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