Local Business Marketing & Website Traffic Growth Strategies

Local Business Marketing & Website Traffic Growth Strategies

Free Courses : Local Business Marketing & Website Traffic Growth Strategies

Discover how to drive massive numbers of hot buyers to your local business's web site. In this course, you will learn how to build a proven planfor marketingyour unique business.

Scott Paton and SorinConstantin share their decades of marketing experience as they show you how you can, with consistent effort, dominate your local area. How much extra business would you receive each year, if your site was ranking number one on Google, Yahoo and Bing? If searches for your industry resulted in excited buyers watching your sales videos, not your competitors?

This is a high level Strategic Mastermind where we go over the planning for your local marketing. This course does not get into the 'How To' of what is discussed. The implementation of the plan is up to your webmaster and outsourcers or your ITand Marketing departments.

In the course we discuss the main pillars for a successful online presence. We do not go into the "How to's", that is up to your marketing team or oursourcers.

We strongly believe that as the business owner, your job is to delegate and set goals, which your team fifigures out ways to meet. The problem with online marketing of your business is that rarely does the business owner understand what is happening or what they can do. This course is designed to help small business owners (and even large ones) understand what can be done so that they know what they want to discuss with their marketing departments.

You will learn about:

  • The impact the massive growth in smartphones has on your business and how to ride the wave
  • Why Google is your friend
  • The basic strategies of SEO
  • Why you have to be making videos
  • Social Media is here to stay. How to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus?Maps?Business page-
  • Why Reviews and Testimonials are crucial to driving online traffic to your doorway

If you know you have been leaving money on the table that your competition has been scooping up, now is the best time ever to reverse the situation and charge ahead of your competitors.

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