Making Games With Phaser 2.X

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript And Phaser!

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Making Games With Phaser 2.X

Free Courses : Making Games With Phaser 2.X

This course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript and Phaser. You do not need to have any prior coding experience! All you need is a computer, determination,and a thirst for knowledge. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own video games!

We start out by learning the fundamentals of JavaScript usingReplit and then we move on to creating our own Phaser examples using the Brackets text editor. In regards to Phaser, I will be going over user input, tile maps, sounds, particles, groups,and a lot more!

Unlike most game development courses, I take a different approach where instead of teaching you how to make a complete game, I teach you several game aspects in small independent chunks. Ibelieve this will let you be a more creative game developer as your skillswill not be confined to what is needed for a particular game.

If you have never coded before or are just looking to learn something new, I think this course is a great introduction! It is completely free to watch and all of the resources I use in the the tutorial are also free.

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