Master WordPress Plugins: Shortcodes Ultimate - The Basics

Master WordPress Plugins: Shortcodes Ultimate - The Basics

Free Courses : Master WordPress Plugins: Shortcodes Ultimate - The Basics

First, a Little History. What is Shortcodes Ultimate?

Shortcodes Ultimate is a super plugin that every WordPress site owner or administrator should have in their list of plugins. Why? Because it makes adding cool features to websites very easy without any coding, CSS or HTML. All the coding is done in the plugin and your WordPress pages and posts look amazing!

First of all, what are shortcodes?

In case you have not heard of shortcodes in WordPress, they are simple pieces of content that you can insert into pages or posts and they return amazing features to your website. An example of a shortcode would be [today] which will return today's date. You only enter [today] and the shortcode will figure out the correct date to display, so it always shows the current date.

The Current Version of Shortcodes Ultimate

The current version of Shortcodes Ultimate gives you 55 shortcodes to add any way you see fit to make your content stand out and be presented more professionally. In this course, I cover the easiest, most basic shortcodes which are ones that I use every day on my WordPress sites.

This course shows you how to insert only a partial list of shortcodes (the most basic shortcodes) from Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

  • tabs
  • accordions
  • YouTube videos
  • photo galleries
  • notes, boxes, frames
  • and more

What Is Presented In This Course?

This course presents about 15 of the most popular shortcodes that any WordPress admin or webmaster can add. I teach you the following:

  1. how to select the shortcodes to your pages and posts
  2. fill out the forms to create the shortcodes
  3. insert the shortcodes
  4. how to filter and narrow the list of 55 shortcodes to find exactly what you need and are looking for
  5. how to apply CSS classes to further format each shortcode.
  6. issues with some of the shortcodes

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