Meditations of Kundalini Awakening

Increase your vitality, expand your intuition and refresh your brain with simple kundalini meditation practices!

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Meditations of Kundalini Awakening

Free Courses : Meditations of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a feminine, creative energy that lives inside all of us. It is often envisioned as a snake that lies coiled up in the pit of the belly or base of the spine. It is said that this snake is coiled precisely three and half times around.

In order to understand the technology behind the awakening of Kundalini Energy, it is essential to understand a number of concepts related to the flow of energy in our bodies. For example, Parallel to the physical body systems (such as the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, etc) is the subtle energy systems These energy channels do not transfer and process oxygen, sugar, protein, etc., but energy called Prana. In this course, you will learn the basic understanding and theory of the Kundalini Awakening.

There are hundreds of benefits experienced through meditation. In fact, for thousands of years, individuals have used different meditation techniques in order to move beyond their emotional upsets and their typical stress-inducing thoughts and feelings. This course brings both practical and theoretical aspects of one meditation technique, kundalini. Kundalini is an extremely powerful spiritual journey leading towards your own self-realization and your own enlightenment helping your embrace more happiness and bliss in your life. As you work your way towards awakening your own kundalini energy, you get to explore many new opportunities, you get to achieve that higher level of consciousness and you get to purify both your mind and body. Kundalini is a process and just like every other process, it takes some time and effort. However, awakening your life energy is definitely worth the effort.

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