Membership Site: Membership Recurring Home Business Model

Membership Site: Membership Recurring Home Business Model

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Why Membership Sites Are Perfect For Passive Income?

If youre interested in making money online, then its probably because you like the idea of having more freedom to live and work wherever and however you want. The benefits of working online are many and varied andextend into every aspect of your life.

But in order for you to make the very most from this way of working, you also need to make sure you choose the perfect business model. Working online on its own does not necessarily equate to an ideal lifestyle; ratherthe benefits come when you work online in the right way. And let me tell you: creating a membership site is definitely the right way.

Working online is easy. If you are in a job thats fairly flexible, then you should be able to ask your employer if you can work from home and simply log into the companys network whenever you start working. And sure, this will bring some benefits: youll be able to stay in bed longer and stop commuting and youll have the luxury of being able to drink tea, listen to music and generally create a comfortable environment. 

But youre still ultimately a slave to your job. Youre still trading time for hours and youll still need to be available for the hours between 9am-5pm.

Youll probably also need to be near the phone and youll be expected to output a certain amount of work every day. That means you probably cant leave the house and work outdoors in case you lose your internet connection. And it means you can decide to stop working for the day and visit a friend instead. Worst of all, you can still be told off by your boss  reprimanded like a child!

The same goes for creating your own online business. If youre a web designer for example, then you have the freedom to decide when you work on projects. But you probably still have deadlines and to all extents and purposes, your clients are your bosses. If you fail to complete

This is why so many people find the idea of blogging desirable. All you have to do is to create and manage a website that you hopefully find fascinating and really enjoy writing about. Youll get to experience a lot of the satisfaction that comes from running your own business. And you get passive income, meaning that youll earn money while you sleep. But even this isnt perfect. Because one day, you might earn $200 and the next day you might earn $10.

It only takes a change to Googles search algorithm and you can lose all of your progress. Whats more, is that it takes actually a huge amount of time to build up the amount of traffic that you need to make a big profit from a blog. This is especially true if you are planning to use pay-per-click advertising but its equally the case if you are selling your own product.

Think about it: how often do you click ads on other websites? This is why it typically takes 1K visitors for you to generate just one or two clicks and the same goes for sales of products. Its a huge amount of work before you start earning anything and theres no guarantee it will ever get to the point where it can provide a livable salary.

Enter: Recurring, Passive Income

This is where membership site come in and offer an incredibly appealing alternative. Essentially, a membership website is a site that users pay to subscribe to. This normally works by first enticing the reader with some free content and showing them the kind of entertainment/information/value that youre capable of providing. Once theyre hooked, you then make sure they know that they need to subscribe in order to gain access to your very best content and to get frequently updated.

So whats so different about this? Well for starters, it means that you can much more easily convert visitors to paying customers seeing as theyre not having to put down a large amount of money and seeing as they know what theyre getting right away.

More importantly, though, it means that the money is recurring and much more predictable. Unlike a regular blog that can very much fluctuate, having subscribers means you probably have some kind of agreement or standing order set up. This means that you can practically guarantee that youll be able to earn a set amount of money each week, month or quarter.

And that very quickly starts to add up

So say you currently have people subscribing for $5 membership a month. If your content is good, then you could realistically convince one in every 1-10,000 people to sign up. But its very possible the very first person who visits might sign up! Theres an element of luck but as soon as you get that first membership youre in business and $5 membership a month quickly adds up to $60 a year.

Eventually, you can work whenever you like and add as much content as you like (well look at how later on) and still know for sure that youll be able to earn X amount of money per month and per year. This is very much living the dream all the freedom of passive incomes but with all the security of a well-paid job!

Can people unsubscribe? Sure they can! But the likelihood of everyone unsubscribing all at once is incredibly slim and in most cases youll have more new visitors signing up than old visitors leaving.

What You Will Learn

This course is going to explain in great detail exactly how you go about creating your own membership website.

Well see how to build a membership website, how to make sure that people want to subscribe, how to implement a recurring fee and how to thrive in this market space.

What well also see is that there are multiple membership business models that can work online when you know how.

Well look at a selection so that you can decide on the perfect type of membership site/content for you.

Ultimately, were going to give you the tools to take the subjects that you love and then turn them into a stable source of income that will pay out even while youre sleeping.

Specifically, you will learn:

How to create a membership website or blog

How to turn your site into a membership site 

How to make content that will make people want to subscribe 

How to promote your membership  site 

How to price your membership site 

How to add extra monetization to your offering 

How to create a membership app 

How to create membership video 

The importance of building a community 

How to use quizzes and other forms of media 

What you can learn from the best membership sites 

The strategies and tools you can learn to succeed even beyond those 

And much more!

Kindly note that this is a 100% informational guide, there are no On-Screen how to steps.

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