Microwave Pressure Cooker: Summer vegetables + Bitter Melon

Enjoy and appreciate the taste of summer vegetables. Serve more healthy food in the table.

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Microwave Pressure Cooker: Summer vegetables + Bitter Melon

Free Courses : Microwave Pressure Cooker: Summer vegetables + Bitter Melon

This is a course where you will learn several recipes making use of summer vegetables and the dishes are cooked using a microwave pressure cooker.The recipes in this course have a star ingredient - the bitter melon. This course was made during our stay in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan which has plenty of bitter melon. The place has inspired us to make this course and we are very happy to share the recipes to everyone.

This course has inspired me to eat more vegetables and appreciate the taste. The recipes are fun to make because there's so much colors involved. The resulting dishes are also tasty and delicious. If you're looking for ways how to serve more vegetables in the table, this course mightjust be a good start.

Everyone is invited to take this course. Cooking process are much faster for every dishbecause I'vemadeuse of a microwave pressure cooker. Just put everything inside the bowl, microwave and you're done. Hello to a stress-free and hassle-free meal cooking time. An added advantage is that there are no greasy pans to clean after dinner time.

Happy cooking!

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