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MySQL Database Admin  -DBA for Beginners

Free Courses : MySQL Database Admin -DBA for Beginners

The MySQL is the world's most popular open source database.

This course will teach you  a lot to  start using this incredibly popular MySQL database and gain useful skills in the process.  In learning about MySQL you will also gain an understanding of relational databases in general.  Furthermore, you will harness that power by learning SQL and using it to build databases, populate them with data and query that data through extensive hands-on practices.

You will learn how to use the MySQL Workbench which is a very powerful administrative tool that contains a lot of useful features that will enable you perform various administrative tasks on MySQL Server installations.

What You will learn includes:

  • Installation and configuration of MySQL Server

  • Creating Databases

  • Creating Tables

  • Creating Views

  • Creating Stored Procedures

  • Using subqueries

  • Managing users and proviledges

  • Performing backups and restore

  • Checking client connections

  • Checking Server Status

  • Perform table  joins

  • Explore and use MySQL Workbench

  • Use MySQL Command line client

  • Execute  Common MySQL Commands

  • Query databases

  • Update databases

  • Delete records

  • Perform aggregate functions

  • Using SQL Editors

SQL is the language used to interact with databases like MySQL  and others

SQL is a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases.

What is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language

SQL lets you access and manipulate databases

SQL became a standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1986, and of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987

What Can SQL do?

SQL can execute queries against a database

SQL can retrieve data from a database

SQL can insert records in a database

SQL can update records in a database

SQL can delete records from a database

SQL can create new databases

SQL can create new tables in a database

SQL can create stored procedures in a database

SQL can create views in a database

SQL can set permissions on tables, procedures, and views

SQL is a Standard - BUT....

Although SQL is an ANSI/ISO standard, there are different versions of the SQL language.

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