Network Fundamentals

Network Fundamentals

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Computer networks have indeed become indispensable now. Hence we need to study computer networks in terms of their basic components, their architecture, and how they support Internet applications in a typical enterprise. All of these affect our daily life.

A computer network is a fundamental system to connect different computers from anywhere and allows them to share resources. Computer networking can be implemented to connect computers at home, at a workplace, and even two computers operating from different places.

Apart from at home and in the office, computer networks are present in all mass transport systems for the smooth operation of ticketing systems, carriage signaling, and safety protection and performance analysis. Doing business requires computer networks as well. When we eat or shop, computer networks come in to connect the ordering, inventory, and payment systems.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of networking which will help you to study bigger subjects like networking, security, and ethical Hacking.

Fundamentals of networking Include network and its type, topology, network devices, networking models, communication systems.

Basic concepts are important if you want to learn further in the field of computer networks or their branch

Course Content

Introduction to Computer Networks

Networking Devices

Network Topology

OSI Model Overview

TCP/IP model Overview

Communication System


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