[NEW] GraphQL in React.js and Node.js

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[NEW] GraphQL in React.js and Node.js

Free Courses : [NEW] GraphQL in React.js and Node.js

Learn everything you need to create a GraphQL API on the server in Node.js with Apollo Server. You'll start with a schema that includes type definitions, queries, and mutations. Then, build the resolvers needed to get the values for the API. Finally, move onto advanced features like interfaces and unions, all the way down to how relationships work in resolvers.

Learn to use GraphQL on the client-side using React with Apollo Client. In this course, you'll use queries and mutations to fetch and update GraphQL API data. You'll go further with variables, inputs, aliases on fields. Then attach your queries and mutations to React and interact with an Apollo Server using React hooks to build amazing things with React and GraphQL!

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