NFT Marketing Essentials: Core Principles of Selling NFT's

A beginners guide to NFT Marketing

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NFT Marketing Essentials: Core Principles of Selling NFT's

Free Courses : NFT Marketing Essentials: Core Principles of Selling NFT's

This is your beginners guide to NFT marketing, highlighting the core marketing principles and how you can apply them to sell your NFT's.  We will get things kicked off by looking at the anatomy of a successful NFT project using real world examples and helping you understand what you can leverage for your own plan. We'll then move on to the 3 core things you must know before you begin. We talk you through audience insights and segmentation, this is all about helping you understand what you need to know about your NFT collector to sell to them and how you get to this place.

You will learn about positioning, branding and messaging as well as channels and how to select the right ones for the NFT space. We also take you through tactical mix and help you work out what to do and where to do it, again using real world examples so you can see what success looks like. Then finally we talk about measurement and smart objective setting.

We are committed to seeing the NFT space thrive as we are motivated by the creative talent, brilliance, curiosity and resourcefulness of the individuals who make up this community of Art collectors and creatives. We believe in the democratisation of knowledge and want to help distribute this new form of digital power and wealth, we believe that we can make success in NFTs more accessible to a broader range of people.

We started WAGMI 100 with the intention of helping as many individuals as we could succeed, our success exists in the wins of others.

None of this is financial advice.

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