Personal Growth - Affirmations and Taking Action

How to speak words that help you take action into your desired life

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Personal Growth - Affirmations and Taking Action

Free Courses : Personal Growth - Affirmations and Taking Action

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are specially designed positive statements, spoken repeatedly to influence your mindset and empower the affirmer. Affirmations help improve mental strength, introduce new positive ideas, reinforce existing positive ideas, all in the hope of creating positive outcomes. They also help focus the mind on positive thoughts and outcomes.

Affirmations increase Your chances of getting the outcomes You truly desire and sometimes NEED to reflect in Your world or the world around you.

Please note, Affirmations are used as a part of a wider approach in striving towards a desirable life. It is also a process and requires dedication, discipline, adaptability and flexibility.

Affirmations are NOT a replacement for taking action.

They are to support you in getting to solutions for issues you face in life. They help:

1). Empower the Affirmer that they can engage with the issues at hand

2). They help reframe the problems to make less overwhelming

3). They support the affirmer toward solutions

Not all affirmations are suitable for everyone. They are fundamentally circumstance driven and need to be adapted to address the specific areas one is looking to improve for the associated outcomes.

This approach should improve the quality of life, for yourself and those around you.

The Affirmations in this course should serve as prompts, reminders, a guide or leads but can also be used verbatim.

I would encourage you to also develop your own Affirmations and make them more personal. It is the best way to get outcomes associated with the practice of Affirmations.

Who are they for?

They are for everyone and anyone. Whatever the situation or circumstance, there are suitable affirmations. If NOT, you can create them. The beauty is that they can be constructed by anyone who needs them, including You.


As the world seems to be a complicated space, being able to inject some form of influence or more control into our lives.

Do they work?

Affirmations help get people in the right mindset, one which they have designed, to work towards better lives.

They are seen as a much needed channel for individuals to attempt to influence their own lives in the direction they want.

Some people attribute their successes to the practice of Affirmations.

What aspects of Life can these be applied?

They can be applied to ALL aspects of life.

In this course, we'll focus on four big aspects, with sub-sections. These are:

a). Affirmations relating to Finances, Money and Wealth:

- Work, Income, Self Employment, Business will also be included

- Retirement, money management are also included

- The strength and focus to do all of the above as well as other ideas to live a life full of good financial decisions and wealth

b).   Affirmations relating to Health and wellbeing:

- Sleep, rest & replenishment
- Food, eating & eating habits
- Mental health and wellbeing
- Increased activities - movement & exercise
- Abundance in health triggers
- The strength and focus to do all of the above as well as other ideas to live a healthier life

c). Affirmations relating to good relationships, interactions and networks

- Romantic relationships

- Family Relationships

- Friendships and support networks

- Work, professional relationships

- Wider society

- The strength and focus to do all of the above as well as other ideas to live a life full of healthy relationships

d). Affirmations relating to Exams and other Assessments

- School exams

- Professional Exams

- Exam preparations

- Assessments

I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge about Affirmations and You learning on this course.

This will help transform your life.

Best regards,


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