Phantom & Mavic Filmschool Sample - intro to Litchi

Get a taste of what you can learn on the popular Phantom Filmschool courses on how to master your drone & get pro shots

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Phantom & Mavic Filmschool Sample - intro to Litchi

Free Courses : Phantom & Mavic Filmschool Sample - intro to Litchi

**Compatible with allMavic, Phantom 3/4 &Inspire models**


"Awesome, learned more watching this than all the videos I searched on youtube, and the instruction videos on DJI's website. Thanks a ton!!!!


Jan Froslev

"Its a excellent course, and best of all... Its free.. Yep.. 2 hour course, and its all free. I was amazed, and thought, yeah right! There must be some catch in it, prob. alot of commercials, but no advertising to my surprise. So 5 full earned stars from me. And its PRO all in"


Would you like to be able to shoot pro cinematic footage with your Phantom or Inspire drone?

You can learn everything there is to know about doing this on the Litchi app if you take the Phantom Filmschool courses.

There are 3 Phantom Filmschoolcourses each dealing with different aspects of aerial photography and videography.

This is a sample course to give you an idea of what the Phantom Filmschool 1 course is like so you can see for yourself if you are keen to take the course and become a pro!

The Phantom Filmschoolcourses are designed in such a way to give you the fastest and easiest methods to masteraerial photography and videography with your drone.

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