Photorealistic 3D product modeling course in Blender 2.9

Photorealistic 3D product modeling course in Blender 2.9

Free Courses : Photorealistic 3D product modeling course in Blender 2.9

Welcome to the Complete guide to photorealistic 3D product creation in Blender 2.9

----  Model , texture , light and render a photorealistic guitar using blender 2.9  ----

Hi there , my name is Ali N'cir . I am a 3D artist with over 3 years of experience in this field .

In this course you'll learn about powerful modelling techniques that will allow you to model photorealistic products , and create custom textures and materials for them . Afterwards we'll take a look at lighting and rendering in Blender's built in cycles render engine and add some post production effect to add that final touch in order to take your renders to the next level . You will also learn about useful add-ons for blender that will help you throughout the whole process and speed up your worflow .

During this course , you'll only need Blender 2.9 and Pureref which are both available for free .

This course is suitable for all skill levels , beginners included , all you need is to be able to navigate and look around the 3d viewport .

In this course you will learn :

  • High poly modelling techniques

  • UV Unwrapping and using multiple uv channels

  • Adding and modifying textures / materials

  • masking materials to add logos and decals

  • Product lighting technique

  • rendering the model in blender cycles

  • post processing in Blender 2.9

Enroll now and start learning by practicing !

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