PMP Agile Exam Prep 2021(Agile Course for PMP certification)

PMP Agile Exam Prep 2021(Agile Course for PMP certification)

Free Courses : PMP Agile Exam Prep 2021(Agile Course for PMP certification)

With numerous reports coming in from exam takers that the PMP certification exam is heavily focused on agile concepts (in many cases >70% of the PMP exam is agile), this course has been designed to enable you to tackle the agile aspects of the PMP certification exam in 2021 successfully. Since this course comprehensively covers the Agile Practice Guide (APG), one of the primary resources to be referenced for the PMP exam, all the videos and materials have been thought through carefully and covered in this PMP Agile Exam Prep course. The materials in this course also align with the PMP exam content outline (PMP ECO) that serves as the PMP exam syllabus. Hence, you won't need to waste your precious time going through other resources.

By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the several agile, predictive, and hybrid frameworks, their characteristics, the role of agile leaders, the concept of servant leadership, how agile teams self-organize and function, the responsibilities of an agile organization, the role of a project manager in an agile environment and much more. Therefore, by the end of this PMP Exam Prep 2021 course, you'll be well equipped to differentiate between agile, predictive, and hybrid projects and also deal with various agile scenarios tested in the PMP certification exam.

This course includes the following:

  • Byte-sized engaging videos on various topics tested in the PMP exam.

  • All concepts explained in depth to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Tests at the end of each chapter and mock PMP exams.

  • Additional resources (blogs, articles, and videos) to enhance understanding of PMP situational questions.

  • All your questions answered promptly in the Udemy Q&A section.

This is the only course on Udemy that covers all the agile portions of the PMP exam in so much depth.

Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK 6, and PMP are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute.

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