Powershell Stairway to Automation and powershell Scripting

Learn powershell from scratch and become a geek in powershell Automation and Powershell scripting. FREE TOOL DOWNLOAD

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Powershell Stairway to Automation and powershell Scripting

Free Courses : Powershell Stairway to Automation and powershell Scripting

This course will ensure that each one taking it up gets an opportunity to fulfill their own dream for automation. Starting from the PowerShell basics, this course will help you to understand what PowerShell is and how it can be used to develop your own applications that will automate Windows day-to-day admin tasks. You also get a chance to know how to set up your own lab and can experience the practicals usings the demo scripts.

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Main topics covered in this course :-

1 Intro : Automation Using Powershell

2 Powershell Vs Commandline

3 Easy Set up a Lab for your automation

4Install VMWare Player

5 Create Virtual Machine VM1 using VMWare Player

6Install VMWareTools

7Create VM2 and Central Server

8Domain and Domain controller Set Up

9Joining servers to a domain

10Get-ChildItem Commandlet

11Get-Service Commandlet

12Get-content Commandlet

13Get-Process Commandlet


15Conditional Operators

16Comparison Operators

17for loop

18while - do while

19Variables and Datatypes

20Error Handling (try catch)

21File Handling using text files

22File Handling uisng Csv files

23File Handling using XML Files

24Saving output to text file (Out-File Cmdlet)

25Displaying output to gridview

26Displaying output to HTML

27Saving output as CSV file

28Execution Policy and Run your first script

29Windows drive space analysis using powershell

30Sending Mails using powershell : Send-MailMessage

31Automate your script through Windows Task Scheduler

32Automate your script thorugh the Jenkins (a widely usedfree Devops Tool)

33Automate your scripts through SQL Server Agent

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