Practical Mind Mapping for Beginners with Xmind Mind Maps.

Learn easy Xmind based Mind Mapping to organise tasks & projects, solve problems & REDUCE STRESS! Free Mind Map Software

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Practical Mind Mapping for Beginners with Xmind Mind Maps.

Free Courses : Practical Mind Mapping for Beginners with Xmind Mind Maps.

  • Mind Mapping was originally only a Pen and Paper based tool.

  • Free Modern Software now allows you to do far more with Mind Mapping that simple pen and ink ever can.

  • In this step by step, hands on, practical course we learn Mind Mapping using all the advantages modern technology offers.

**** Free Mind Map Templates are included with this Course to help you get the best from Mind Mapping now and in the future. ****

*** What You Will Learn ***

In this course we introduce you to the Free and Powerful Xmind Mind Mapping Software and we quickly learn how to use Xmind to Mind Map by working together on a simple and effective To-Do list which we will build, refine and update together step by step.

Once you have mastered the basics we will move onto more advanced Mind Mapping tasks aimed at helping you De-stress, Get Organised, Solve Problems and Make Decisions.

*** Brain Dumps using Mind Maps ***

Expanding on the To-Do list exercise we move into Brain Dumps using Mind Maps where we will learn how to:

  • Help you de-clutter your mind of all the loose ends and things-to-do-and-remember that can increase stress, reduce your peace of mind and prevent you from living in the present.

  • Organise all the tasks that you must do, want to do and would like to do "if only you had the time" and learn how to group tasks together so you can get them done quickly and easily in a simple, time efficient way.

  • Become more productive by reducing task-related stress levels, recording information and tasks so they are not forgotten and prioritising what to do and when, in a very intuitive, easy to learn way.

*** Problem Solving & Decision Making ***

Continuing onto Problem Solving and Decision Making we look at using Mind Maps to effectively :

  • Analyse and define problems correctly and accurately using Mind Maps and the Five Whys Methodology.

  • Brainstorm effective and creative solutions to problems using Mind Maps.

  • Use Mind Mapping to effectively run team meetings to get the best input from all participants and not just the Vocal Minority who can dominate unstructured team working.

  • Analyse and understand what influences and drives the problems and decisions you need to make, and how to quickly define those influences using the Free problem solving Mind Map templates that come with this course.

  • Perform a quick but effective Risk Analysis using our Free Mind Map Templates.

Mind Mapping has come a long way since its pen and paper based origins in the 1970's. This course will help you learn Mind Mapping techniques combined with modern software applications in a quick and easy way.

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